Alexandra Marie-Jude Roumain Baker, is the eldest daughter of three children to Haitian-born parents, Daniel and Simone Roumain. Alexandra and her siblings were born in Chicago and raised in South Florida.

"I grew up being told we must acclimate to our American way of life and we did. My father was passionate about the American flag and the liberties we were blessed to have in the USA. He said we were American, but lived a Haitian subculture within the walls of our home, in an effort to maintain the heritage of my parents’ homeland. My first language was French, but by age six, I spoke mostly English. My parents raised me in a very strict, formal and proper style. I was reared to be be exceedingly feminine and lady-like. Note the coiffed hair, white gloves, purse, lace stockings, full jewelry suite aka, Parure. A parure, which literally means 'set' in French, is the formal name given to a suite of jewelry, usually a combination of a matching necklace, earrings, brooch or ring, and a bracelet. I’m FIVE YEARS OLD! I’m quite sure my mother made certain I added perfumed body cream, powder and perfume, and she powdered my face before we attended church or family event. Trés chic!

The aforementioned Haitian sub-culture was largely centered around our meals; eating Haitian Cuisine regularly. Chicken, rice and beans were a staple. A jar of pikliz was always in the refrigerator. I loved the spicy, vinegar-based jar of hot peppers since I was young. I would add it not only to chicken, rice and beans, but to griot (marinaded pork shoulder bits, usually broiled or fried), pate’ (meat patties), lambi (conch), Bannan peze (pressed plantains), and red snapper. On occasion, because my mother would do this, I would eat pikliz with a sliced sweet banana.”

Above all, Alexandra Baker is a Wife, Mom and Businesswoman. She is an award winning television personality, appearing regularly on HSN - The Home Shopping Network, as an On-Air Guest Host and Brand Ambassador for a variety of home products. 

She is also the Founder/Creative Director of her lifestyle brand, Home with Alexandra®. She is also a Designer and Patented Inventor Accents Reign® embellishments, a collection of decorative and magnetized embellishments designed to embellish and transform home decor and fashion accessories. She is an expert at home organization, implementing seasonal decor and entertaining. Her creative pursuits didn’t stop there.

“I’m passionate about all things home; my family, organizing, repurposing, decor, baking, cooking, and entertaining. Of course, the heart of my home is the kitchen. Cooking for family and friends gives me joy as I love to lavish guests.”

Spending time “in the Kitchen” coupled with her creative spirit, caused Alexandra to begin making and gifting one of her favorite Haitian foods, Pikliz.

“Each Christmas Season, I would have a very long list of HSN Executives, Buyers, Merchandisers, Producers, Stylists, Makeup Artists, and the list would go on and on. What to give? Not to mention, friends/neighbors, extended family. Pikliz! Made with love, I would make each jar by hand. I would do all the chopping, add the seasoning and white vinegar. The feedback? ASTOUNDING! Everyone was in love - passionately, with Pikliz! This experience was the genesis of In The Kitchen with Alexandra, and creating Alexandra’s Pikliz.”

Look for more sauces, dressings, and other Artisan, small batch condiments to come from In The Kitchen with Alexandra.