Our Ingredients

We carefully source the freshest chili peppers to ensure the highest quality and flavor in every batch of Pikliz. 

We produce only in small batches and use a seasonal blend of at least five peppers in every jar. Eating seasonally is the best way to maximize flavor and nutrition, so we select from the following varieties of hot chili peppers to make each batch, depending on availability. 

Our products are vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free, low-sodium and contain 0 added sugars.

overhead of cutting boards in a kitchen with colorful fresh chili peppers being prepared

Our Peppers


A mild, medium-sized chili pepper that grows to 6-10 inches in length.


These are considered a sweet pepper, though they can have a touch of heat. They are light green in color  used in general cooking

Italian long hot peppers

These peppers are mild, sweet peppers native to Italy. They are popular around the world for their versatility.

Fresno peppers

These might look and taste like jalapeños, but they pack a bit more heat. These peppers increase in spiciness as they mature from green to red.

Hungarian wax peppers

Often confused with similar-looking banana peppers, these wax pepper are actually much hotter. 


This familiar medium-sized hot pepper packs most of its heat in the seeds. 

Serrano peppers

These are smaller and hotter than most jalapeños, but similar in color. 

Habanero peppers 

Named after the Cuban city of La Habana, these have a unique fruity flavor with hints of citrus and a floral aroma.

Scotch Bonnet peppers

These peppers related to habaneros are among the hottest chilis on Earth.