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The Spicy Science of Condiments: How Spicy Peppers Enhance Flavor

Let's now explore in more detail the function of hot peppers in the world of condiments. Spicy Peppers: The Heat Behind Condiments Jalapenos, habaneros, and serranos are just a few examples of the spiciest peppers. The substance that gives these peppers their heat and spiciness is a chemical known as capsaicin. Despite not being one of the five major sensations, spice plays a big role in how we perceive flavors. Spicy peppers improve the gastronomic experience in the following ways: Capsaicin Activation: When you consume a condiment rich in capsaicin, it interacts with receptors on your tongue, leading to the...

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The Top 10 Spiciest Foods from Around the World

Are you a fan of spicy foods? If so, you're not alone! Spicy foods are loved by many people around the world. In this blog post, we'll be exploring the top 10 spiciest foods from around the world, including Alexandra's Pikliz. Let's first examine what makes food hot and why people enjoy it before moving on to the list. What Makes Food Spicy? Compounds like capsaicin, which attaches to receptors in our tongues and causes a burning sensation, are the cause of the spiciness in food. The Scoville scale, which is based on the amount of capsaicin in the meal,...

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