Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

This Mediterranean Grilled Chicken is a simple recipe with a touch of spicy heat.

- Chicken Breasts (boneless and skinless suggested by most. I prefer skin on my chicken breasts)
- Tomatoes
- Cucumbers
- Romaine lettuce or kale or spinach or arugula or all
- Avocado, optional
- Green onion
- Red onion
- Flat leaf parsley
- Fresh dill
- Kalamata olives
- Feta cheese crumbled
- Olive oil
- Fresh squeezed lemon juice
- Kosher salt

-Badia’s Season Complete (a combination of dried onion, garlic, salt, spices and herbs and/or/Lawry’s Seasoned Salt - I really like to season my proteins)
- Black ground pepper
- Alexandra’s Pikliz, Spicy Pepper Relish

- Marinade chicken breasts in lemon juice, olive oil, Alexandra’s Pikliz, kosher salt, and black pepper, four to six hours, or overnight
- Chop the veggies & herbs
- Grill chicken 5-7 minutes on each side at 400˚
- Add the feta cheese and olives to the chopped veggies
- Top grilled chicken with Alexandra’s Pikliz

Optional Dressing, Spicy Tzatziki
- Greek yogurt
- Shredded cucumber/be sure to squeeze out excess water
- Fresh crushed garlic
- Fresh dill
- Fresh mint
- Fresh flat leaf parsley
- Olive oil
- Fresh squeezed lemon juice
- Kosher salt
- Alexandra’s Pikliz


Photo Credit: @smileey.lucy

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